Friday, September 20, 2019

Happy Fluttershy Friday! (#129, 130, 131, 132(?)!!!)

Hello my followers and HAPPY FLUTTERSHY FRIDAY! It has been a while, and I have been SUPER remiss about keeping up with this, especially with NYCC slowly creeping up like a bad cold. I hope that if you are at NYCC this year, you will take some time to come over to the education panels over at the Public Library. While I know not everyone who might read this is in education, some of the things we discuss are quite interesting.


Oh my goodness, I broke 130!!! And I will be honest, I AM RUNNING OUT OF ROOM! For real, like I don't know what I am going to do! Right now, I still haven't fully integrated the ponies I got from BronyCon into the collection. I feel like I need another bookcase, it's that nuts! Maybe I should...

Anyway, let's check out the newcomers!!!

First up, while I am NOT taking this girl out of the collection, I did want to point out that at least one Fluttershy came as part of this new set. I may try and find her individually on eBay just so I can add her. This is a cool set that came out this year, which I believe was meant to celebrate the 35th anniversary of MLP. I like this idea of merging the current characters with the old school style. Very vintage and I like the homage it pays to us who remember the old ponies. 

Next up, this ADORABLE Flutterbat that I swear to God I want to cuddle ALL THE TIME! From Sew Adorkable, this little Flutterbat is done in her teddy bear style, where it's super cuddly and is begging for hugs. And come on, even with that mad face, who wouldn't want to SQUEEZE this little critter?

Next up, this Fluttershy seapony bath toy. I am glad I am finding SOME seapony stuff. I feel like there's not enough. Now, because of how she is, I may keep her in the packaging, because there's no way for her to stand up outside of it. Plus, I don't really take baths. But the cool thing is is that she lights up! And even in the packaging, I can still press the buttons to make her light up!

Lastly, the mystery box Fluttershy. I never got one of her, and honestly never really thought about it too much, but lately, I've been kinda digging this girl for the stand out of black and pink (two of my favorite colors, even if black technically isn't a color) and I saw someone selling her and decided to cave. At least I didn't have to spend hours trying to find her!

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