Welcome to Trot L'Oeil Artistry here on Blogger! This page gives you updates on work, upcoming conventions, and my random thoughts from me, Trot L'Oeil.

And just who am I? Well, first off, my name isn't actually Trot, but in convention circles, that's who I am. I do go by Riyo Bast from time to time in certain fan circles, but I am mostly Trot. I was born and raised in New York, the oldest of three and the only girl. When I attended junior high and high school, my art teachers noticed my talent for art, and nurtured it. All through high school, I was artist of the month at least once per year. My talent lay in painting and drawing, though I tried my hand at sculpture. I attended Ithaca College, where I majored in Animation Design and Production.

I graduated from the University of the Arts with a Masters in Teaching Visual Arts, so I can become the teacher for those students who need the nurturing. I work full time as a high school art teacher and I am also a graduate student, currently going for my Masters in Special Education. I currently live in Connecticut with my loving ninja kitty, Mina.

I am available to do custom work, thought please contact me to see if my commission list is filled up yet or not. You can always reach me at trotloeilartistry@gmail.com

I have a bunch of links to send you to, between my Etsy store, Redbubble and We Love Fine. Check out my work on each one!

Trot L'Oeil Artistry

Redbubble Page

We Love Fine Work

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