Sunday, August 5, 2018

SPS, Tiny Paws Con and More!

Hello everyone! So I know I meant to post on Wednesday for a WIP but as the new school year is fast approaching, I got caught up in setting up my two new classrooms. Yup, you heard me right! I am in a new job, doing a split position for two elementary schools in Bridgeport. These two schools are part of a network of schools that often share their resource teachers. So for them, it's not uncommon to do this. It's new for me, but I am excited. However, I have limited time when I can go in and set up the classrooms, so I have been focused on that a lot lately. Last week, I just about finished up the 4-8 classroom. Hopefully, this week, I will get the PreK-3 classroom done.

Aside from that, I am FINALLY done with that mess of a grad school program. Now it's just sending off everything this week, and be done with it.

Now, onto the good stuff! So, before I show you what I have been working on, let me let you know about where I will be next: Tiny Paws Con! I had never heard of this con before, but apparently, it's been around for a while. I've only done one furry con before this, and that was AnthroCon last year. Since then, I have sort of been turned off from most furry cons, because they take their design from AC, which is a b**** for artists like me, who have a lot of 3D stuff and not a lot of 2D stuff. Lottery systems are annoying for someone like me, and I dislike the whole payment system they have set up. So, imagine my surprise when I saw that THIS con didn't do anything like that! In fact, I will have my tables all to myself for the whole 3 days! Check the map below to find my tables!

It's going to be epic! And this will probably be my last con of the season. DerpyCon waitlisted me, but I never heard back so I guess I didn't get it. Same thing with AnimeNYC, but I knew I was taking a shot on that. So, I am going to just look ahead to next year. If you know of any cons around the CT, NY or NJ area, and you'd like to see me there, make sure you mention it in the comments, and link to it!

Now, onto the good stuff! So, because Tiny Paws is coming up, I have basically been like a machine, trying to get as many figurines done as possible! Just recently, I finished up 13 new figurines! However, many of those were duplicates, so it may not seem like a lot. Take a look at what is up on my Etsy Store!

First up, a LOT of ponies, or MLP inspired characters, just finished, and ready for new homes!

Next, we have a new Pokemon figurine, a Mudbray. I have been enjoying doing some of the more obscure Pokemon characters from time to time. I still do Eevolutions (I have a few figurines waiting to get turned into Eevees as you read this), and I have some adorable Butterfree pins!

Then, we have a Robbie Reyes inspired Ghost Rider figurine. I had this random Flash Sentry Equestria Girls figurine lying around, and I had no idea what to do with it, and finally, it came to me. Ghost Rider! And I honestly think he came out pretty well! I'm actually very proud of the face!

Last, but not least, this lovely Monster High doll. First, I cannot take credit for the rehair of this figurine. I cannot rehair to save my life. It's very hard, and I get frustrated way too easily. But, I did repaint the face, paint and sculpt the entire outfit onto the figurine, as well as the hooves on the shoes. The horn is from Plastic Curves. This was inspired by the outfit worn by Todrick Hall for the music video "Dem Beats."

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