Sunday, July 29, 2018

LockCity Review!

Hey Everyone!!! Sorry I have been MIA for the past few days. Because of the situation with my graduate school, I have been slammed with work. Basically, I have been forced into the position of trying to cram 5 weeks worth of work into 2 weeks. Something which I HOPE my program will take into consideration when they grade my work.

Anyway, so while I do have a few new pieces, I still need to take pics, so I will do a longer SPS next week, as well as hopefully have some stuff to show this week on Wednesday.

In the meantime, let me talk about LockCity. This is the second time I have done this con. Last year, it was down the road from where I live, but this year, it was about an hour away, more north in CT. Now, I honestly can't say whether that's good or bad, because I did not find out the attendance. I do hope it won't go further north, because then it might be hard for me to travel there. I will say that for a small con, on it's third year, it's still one I would continue to go back to. I did like my spot this year--last year, the way it was set up, my booth was unfortunately in a corner, so I got passed over a bit, though I did have a taller display. But location in a vendor hall is always something that you, as a vendor, have to work with, and never the fault of the con.

I had a great table neighbor, one of the cosplayers, who was a total sweetheart. Since this year I was soloing, due to the dissolution of the old business between myself and my former partner, I was happy to be next to someone who was very flexible to watch my table if I needed to use the restroom. This is always an upside of smaller cons, I believe--there seems to be instant camaraderie among the sellers.

I tried a new set-up for this con, in order to try and see about maximizing the view of my figurines, as well as showing off all my prints to their advantage. While it was a bit short in the middle (I kept having to bend down to put my head through), I think this new design was a success. I was able to display almost all my prints, and all my figurines all at the same time. It got a lot of attention, and I know I broke even if not getting a little bit of profit. If the next con allows it, though, I am going to raise up the middle, and if the con has bigger tables, then I might widen it one more in the middle. But for this go around, I am quite happy!

I sold about 2 of my smaller prints, 3 pieces of jewelry (both of those are low numbers for me) and at least 6 figurines. Overall, a good day!

Next up: Tiny Paws Con

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