Sunday, March 1, 2020

Happy Self-Promotion Sunday

Hello my fellow readers! Welcome to another Self-Promotion Sunday!! After last weeks news of getting into TrotCon, I have been churning out a bunch of My Little Pony silhouette designs that I though I would share with you. That doesn't mean I am forgoing anything else, I am actually working on a Last Airbender design for a contest (more on that in a bit). I do need your help, my fellow readers: whether you are going to TrotCon or not, I need your vote on what you would like to see this stuff on in terms of merchandise. Make sure you check out the form here: Merch Form 

I will eventually be posting these MLP silhouette designs both to my TeePublic and Redbubble pages, so make sure you check those out! Check out the designs below (I still need to do Mistmane and Rarity together):

I also finished a recent commission, using this silhouette format, of two OCs from two different VAs from MLP. Check out the design below (this one is NOT going to be up for sale, as it's a custom piece):

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