Sunday, November 17, 2019

Self-Promotion Sunday!!! One Last Con...And Cons for 2020

Hello my fellow readers!! It's been a minute I know, but I hope you have been enjoying what I have been posting. As the months get colder, I do fewer custom sculptures because I cannot be outside sanding. I am hoping to finish a few pieces before it's too cold for me to go outside. However, please note, no matter what, after Thanksgiving, I WILL NOT be taking any SCULPINTING commissions. By that point, no matter what, it will be too cold for me to do anything. They are calling for this to be a really cold winter! If it's a simple paint job, then I could probably swing it. But if it involves sculpting, it's going to have to wait until the weather warms up.

In the meantime, I have at least two new pieces to show everyone, and remind you that I have ONE LAST CON of 2019 coming up. Remember, I will be doing AnonyCon in Stamford, CT in the first weekend of December. This is my first time doing this con, and I will be arriving later on Friday since I will still have work, but I will be there all three days!

Now, cons for 2020 are starting to line up. I have at least 2 already secured, one which I know I can't attend (sadly), and many which I have applied for. Here's the list of where I will (and hoping I will) be:

CT GamerCon: March 21-22
IncrediCon: March 28-29 (Pending)
Hudson Valley CC: May 9-10 (Pending)
ConnetiCon: July 9-12
TrotCon: July 17-19 (Pending)
TerrifiCon: TBD

Lastly, like I promised, I have a few new figurines. I have a few that are ALMOST done, but not done in time for today's promo, so you'll just have to be satisfied with these two girls! They will be up for sale by tomorrow on my Etsy page. First up, another princess, this time it's Celestia. We will see if she does as well as my Luna's in this style:

Next, a new variation of the Stranger Things Applejack, using a fakie for this girl. Had fun making her, but wasn't sure what to do for a while. Hopefully she finds a good home before she gets too worried!:

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