Friday, June 15, 2018

Fluttershy Friday! #97

Alright everyone! Time to show off #97! This time, this is a custom I made. So, I noticed that I had two Fluttershy Equestria Girls minis that looked way too similar, so I thought, why not make a Flutterbat EGM? And given the recent Goth Fluttershy episode, I thought I could use that for inspiration. I had such fun doing this, I may make more. Would totally be fun! Maybe could do a few alternates of specific characters. I mean, we have Flutterbat, and in the comics there is Nightmare Rarity, which I think would be absolutely GORGEOUS! Can you just image the coloring, darling?

OK...that got too close to Rarity...anyway, so this lovely girl almost has a Goth Lolita style going on. Her bowtie, which is a bit hard to see, is actually Hello Kitty. She's got crystals for earrings, and her hairbow is a bat. She also has bats on her boots. I love her facial expression too! I'm quite proud of this one!

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